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22 May 2024

My name is Nicholas de Castella.

My wife, Susan, and I have over 20 years of experience as Breathwork Trainers.

We have built an amazing life through Breathwork, and we are keen to support you to create a rich and fulfilling life in service to others.

Core Clearing Breathwork Introduction Workshop

We are delighted to welcome you to our Online Breathwork Coach Certification Introduction Workshop.

There are 9 segments in the Workshop as follows...

1 - Hello and welcome: Who is Nicholas de Castella

2 - What We Are Going to Cover

3 - Heart Centered Healing Principles

4 - The Core Clearing Process Structure

5 - A Core Clearing Breathwork Preparation

6 - Experience A Core Clearing Breathwork Session

7 - Feedback: Core Clearing Breathwork Session

8 - The 9 Steps to Become a Transformational Leader

9 - The Core Clearing Breathwork Training

You're going to love this if you have a longing to create a life you love, doing something meaningful, making a real difference.

The world needs more heart centred leaders to help humanity awaken to the next level of peace, love, connection and aliveness.

Kind Regards,

Nicholas and Susan









The training is approved by...

IICT - The International Institute for Complimentary Therapies for Professional Indemnity Insurance!

Breathwork Coaching is a gentle and powerful heart centered way to be of service in making the world more peaceful and loving.

Core Clearing Breathwork is a heart centered approach based on Mindfulness, Somatic, Emotional and Heart Intelligence.

The training is simple, easy to follow and comprehensive with everything you need to create a successful Breathwork business and become a thriving transformational leader.

With Core Clearing Breathwork you can help clients make profound shifts quickly, gently and easily.

Medical Doctors Recommend

Core Clearing Breathwork!


Dr. Margaret Ngu G.P.

As medical doctors you would want to benefit from their transforming work for yourself and of course your patients. I have found Nicholas and Susan to be heartfelt beings who practice what they preach and in doing so have that special quality of authentic and infectious teaching by example. Both are well experienced healing processes, which as a holistic practitioner for more than 25yrs.

I know it as essential for my patients to access in order to regain wellness. Whether facilitated in individual sessions or in groups, patients will get help for the emotional and mental dimensions of their symptoms, which most GPs have no time to delve into, whether it is depression, chronic fatigue, asthma, degenerative illness of all kinds. Your patients will be thankful for Nicholas and Susan's help.


Dr. Robert Hanner G.P.

I cannot recommend too highly the brilliant work that Nicholas and Susan de Castella do with people who are troubled with life's inevitable challenges and stresses. I had the fortunate experience of doing my first course, Passionately Alive 5 years ago and the benefits I attained have remained to this day. I am more present and, in the moment, and in touch with my emotions since that unforgettable weekend.

This has helped enormously in my personal relationships and in my professional life. Nicholas has created a safe, secure, environment where people are free to express themselves openly. He treats everyone as equals and so even though he is a teacher and facilitator he is neither didactic nor beyond approach.


Dr. Andrew Horwood G.P

I have known and worked with Nicholas and Susan de Castella for over 10 years. Over 200 of my patients during this time have reported more energy; lessening of physical pain; increased understanding of their life situation; a range of skills that can be used in all sorts of situations to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression; improved mood; improved coping skills with life stressors; more passion in their lives, and hence, improved relationships; finding a network of genuine friends from whom they feel support.

Some of my patients attending Seminars have been particularly ill, either physically or mentally, and these patients, too, have been able to make great gains during a short time. I conclude by thoroughly recommending the range of Seminars facilitated by Nicholas & Susan de Castella. These are high quality events with the potential for changing people’s lives forever.


Dr. Peter Johnson G.P

I have attended Passionately Alive, Manhood and Relationship. I have found them helpful and inspiring. I recommend my patients to attend. In fact, I believe emotional, and heart centered work is essential for personal growth and healing. I recommend these workshops to anyone with chronic disease, relationship problems, emotional crisis and those wanting to avoid these.

Holistic Medical Practitioner, MBBS (Monash), AMAC (Australian Medical Acupuncture College), FACNEM (Fellow of Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine), MSE(Psychology), Founder of Australian College of Transformational Medicine. Past President of AIMA, Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (1998-2001)

What People Are Saying About the Training…



From Zookeeper to International Award-Winning Conservationist Consultant

I was at the point in my life where I wanted to share my knowledge with the world. I had learned so much from Nicholas and Susan with my own personal Growth through the training and it was time for me to step up and share this with others.

The Thrive Breathwork Coaching Course was the perfect structure I needed to get me there and not just dream about it. The best part of the training was I healed myself along the way. This training provided me with the safe space to really ‘show up’, the community to support the teachings and myself along the way.

I was no longer doing it alone and I really needed that. The most beneficial aspect of this training was the opportunity to release the emotional blocks that were holding me back with stepping up and out into the world. I was terrified at the thought of this at the first workshop training but by the final workshop I had more confidence in myself to step up. I know I would not have been able to do this on my own.


Rach Hope

Women's Life Enrichment Mentor/Heart Centered support for women impacted by infertility grief & loss

Best decision I ever made was signing up to do Breathwork Facilitation training with Nicholas de Castella and Susan de Castella.

The more sessions I guide people through and also the more sessions I myself am a guided through, the more present to life I am becoming. I’ve never felt so much ease and calm within myself from day to day, such a beautiful experience of true inner peace in one of the most challenging times of my life.

This new space I find myself in, is gifting me a new lens to the way I see and be with life, which innately is flowing into how much richer I’m loving all of my life regardless of what challenges I may face in daily life. I highly recommend their expert training, experienced support and guidance, they offer such caring wisdom on the journey to the heart through Breathwork.

Big appreciation, love & gratitude for the work you both do in this world.


Marlon Walker

Body Work and Personal Trainer

I am feeling very excited to learn and evolve my Personal Training/Massage Therapy business and self to a higher level, where I can help more people with an even more diverse range of problems. My toolbox has expanded and I love it, as I can tackle issues a few different ways! Diversity, Learning, Knowledge, Wisdom!

I have loved being involved in all the training as I love learning

about breathing, meditation, energy, helping people and moving forward in life. So if this is you or you resonate with any of this then you are going to love this course!

I feel very blessed to have Nicholas & Susan de Castella as my teachers, coaches, and trainers! I hit the JACKPOT! Very grateful!! A must-do course! Happy to speak further if you have questions - 0413 179 737


Teresa Wilby

Coach, Entrepreneur, Thrive Breathwork Practitioner

I'm 62 years young and feel like life is only just beginning! After seeing the great results people were getting, I decided to move forward to the certificate training as I saw that I could help people get breakthroughs and pay my bills.

I thought how cool is that? Since then I find myself in a position to help people move forward in their lives particularly. What is even more amazing is that the training not only has changed my life thru the shared practice sessions but with the lives of hundreds of my clients.

I love that this is a 'business in a box' that Nicholas has put together I am starting to get up and running. Being on a pension is hard financially but now I can help people and also help myself doing something I love seeing great results in those I have had the privilege to take thru the core clearing process and seeing their growth and freedom is awesome!

Don't hold back! The certificate training is great. I learnt so much and now I have the tools to help others move forward, find their blockages, and find their own healing! I can't thank Nicholas enough!

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